Workshop Facilitation

In this workshop the team developed personas who later were set in relation to the company's USP to develop new ideas to address customers with new TV formats.


After some input talks were held the team had to develop a SWOT analysis so later that day they were enabled to create a business model canvas with all the insights they gained throughout the day.

Creating Templates

Just started this in miro.

We will see where it leads


Agile Coaching


As part of my work as Agile Coach  I develop Kanban Boards & Team Rules 

Wireframes and Protyping

In this project I createD wireframes for my clients App project.

What you see in this pic is a click-dummy paper prototype.


Impressions of UX Cologne

UX Cologne is the oldest and biggest User Experience Meetup

in Cologne, Germany which I host. Before the virus hit the world

it took place every second month and was attended by nearly 100 people each time.

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