Looking for my next
to make a change.
The digital or the human way.


"I won't butter you up to please you. The goal and success is close to my heart this is why I'm straight talking."

This is me

User Experience  Strategy 

 Workshop Facilitation 

Agile  Coach
Workshop  Presenter  

 Event Organizer 

Social Media Manager

I facilitate workshops
and coach your team how to get started with agile project management

UX at 🖤

I've been working in the digital field since the late 90's.

Started as a Multimedia Producer (SAE Diploma)​

Gained experience as a music sync right adviser, photo art consultant,

marketing assistant at a furniture manufacturer, social media manager and

agile coach both freelance and employed.

My senses always keep tracking problems wether it's a false button on a website,

a bug in a form or real life issues like accessibility.
My passion is solving problems.

So let's fix the button, get the form straight so your customers can fill it out correctly

and let's make your shop accessible for everyone.

agile by day

Proper processes is what you need to get things done. That's why my UX heart

started beating for agile. 

I coach teams and individuals getting started with agile project management

and how to implement values and principles.

You need to adapt your company and have no clue how to do so?

I develop and facilitate workshops that shifts you and your team to the next level.

Conferences &


As organizer of UX Cologne, the oldest User Experience meetup in Cologne I'm always curious about other conferences, their speakers and of course the experience which is created within these events. Besides I love to meet new inspiring people and get as much input from their talks as possible.

The conferences and meetups below represent a small selection.

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